Welcome to Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Our NHN Meet Your Neighbor CHALLENGE offers professional groups, companies, and organizations an opportunity to participate and promote a community activity that benefits all participants. Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN) is an organization dedicated to promoting in-person communications and relationship building between community leaders, neighbors and friends to help build and strengthen organizations and local communities. The NHN Challenge activity can easily be incorporated by most organizations.

Building Communities

Communities are built with real interactions with real people getting to know each other.

Building Reliance

In a personal time of need, the quickest resources for help are within your local community.

Building Friendships

Your next best friend could be no further than the next house/apartment over - find out now.

Meet your Neighbor CHALLENGE


Introduce yourself to your Neighbors

At a minimum meet the neighbors on either side of your home, apartment, townhome or condominium and challenge them to do the same and meet their Neighbors


Get to know who your neighbors are on a first name basis so they are someone you can call on if needed and they can also call on you


Creates more cohesive, safer, enjoyable, positive neighborhoods and communities, which is especially helpful in times of need.


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