Mission Statement



The NHN Meet your Neighbor CHALLENGE offers you an opportunity to participate in an activity that promotes goodwill and trust to all participants. The Challenge is Simple and cost no money.

We are a Group of Neighbors and Friends who want to create a national movement which benefits all participants

Helping create Better and Safer Neighborhoods, Communities and Quality of Life

Working with Community and Professional organizations, Companies and community leaders our goal is to encourage communication in neighborhoods and communities across the nation

Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN) is about Social Interaction. Whereas Social Media brings people together through the Internet, NHN encourages and enables people to create an in-person social interaction. By getting neighbors and people together in-person, Deeper and more constructive social interactions can be created. When People  are Talking to People and Neighbors are Helping Neighbors we live in and help create a better community. Let's all help and create those communities!

We need your participation to Help make this Happen, Be a part of this movement

Take the Meet Your Neighbor Challenge, Encourage others to do the same, and proudly register your participation

Your participation will Light up Communities and Neighborhoods across the USA 


Connect, Engage, Enjoy

Neighborhoods are created not by proximity, but rather by communication
Safer Neighborhoods

The more you know who belongs and their habits, the easier is to identify threats to your neighborhood

Changing Communities

Communities are built at the local level by people, for people. Be a driver of change for your community.

Participate in the Meet Your Neighbor Challenge 

Personal Trust

The anonimity of the web often inhibits trust and responsiblity, creating bariers instead of removing them.


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