• Marc Orcutt
  • - 03/12/2018

Neighbor Helping Neighbor launched in 2018 with a mission. Getting that message propagated as far and wide as possible requires a lot of tools, support, partners, and participants, but it starts with a website. NHN Founder Mark Kuehn reached out to local Web Application Development firm, CF Foundry, to get the process started. CF Foundry understood NHN's needs for a simple yet elegant website that could start NHN's mission of building communities and strengthening neighborhood relationships. 

CF Foundry pulled together the website that you see here, while providing NHN some key guidance for the content generation of the site. CF Foundry made the site mobile friendly for us and it is hosted on their servers at the QTS data center in Suwanee, Georgia.

Our website is and always be a work in progress. With our initial launch our goal was an informative website that outlines the goals of NHN, the benefits to individuals and communities, and some how-to information outlining how to get started. We will be transitioning into a more interactive site as the NHN movement spreads, providing more tools and resources to facilitate the propagation of the NHN goals.


5260 Arbor View Way, Sugar Hill, Georgia 30518


Info : 470-202-8563


Office : info@nhnus.com